My Spice and Supplement Regimen

I have a longlong workout streak going.  I’ve not taken a complete day off since the day I graduated from college (May 19, 2013).  As of right now, that puts me at 835 consecutive days.  The ‘Millennial Mark’ is coming soon 🙂


What I’ve come to realize is that the concept of overtraining (that is, the idea that you can over-exert your body) is used far too frequently and almost always not the case.  With proper training periodization and nutrition/supplementation, I’ll go so far as to say it’s almost impossible to actually overtrain.

My desire for exceptional health and wellness (and to maintain this streak) has led me to nerd out quite a bit on supplementation for fitness, health, and optimal cognitive functioning.  I’ve mapped out which spices and supplements I take, which I believe have helped me to feel great and stay injury-free and very healthy while growing this streak.

Right now, I’m at taking sixty-three different spices and supplements.  Sounds crazy, right?  It’s actually not bad — all sixty-three of these compounds come from only twelve different items, and I use many of those twelve while cooking my food, so in terms of total pills swallowed per day, I’m taking sixteen pills per day.

If you think this is a lot, think again.  Famous inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil takes over 250 supplements daily!  Compared to his stack, mine looks like one fit for a baby.

Take a look! Here’s everything:

Screen shot 2015-08-30 at 7.05.44 PM

Screen shot 2015-08-30 at 8.29.16 PM

Screen shot 2015-08-30 at 7.08.38 PM

Screen shot 2015-08-30 at 7.14.13 PM

Screen shot 2015-08-30 at 7.16.58 PM

Screen shot 2015-08-30 at 7.18.29 PM

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed physician, nor do I pretend to be one.  The purpose of this post is to provide information and spur discussion about individual/personalized supplementation.  These spices and supplements are simply what I’m currently choosing to take on a daily basis, but this information should not be interpreted as a recommendation for exactly what you should be taking.  Always consult with your trusted healthcare practitioner before beginning any sort of supplement regimen.  I assume no responsibility or liability for your health-related decisions.  Now, back to the post:

Once I add the three additional compounds I have in the queue (I’m not counting Vitamin D since I’m already taking it and am simply increasing my dosage), then I’ll be up to sixty-six things in total that I’m taking.

What I take is also always subject to change, based on new research and evidence as well as personal experience.  This, however, is what I’m taking right now.

This system has become so routinized in my daily routine that I hardly spend any time thinking about it, so virtually no mental energy is expended on thinking about taking these things.  I simply take them, and I enjoy the benefits of feeling great while also functioning at a high level.

In examining the compounds, it’s interesting to note how many of them lack a %RDV recommendation.  The FDA has established many %RDVs for vitamins and minerals, but for things such as EPA and DHA (the two omega-3 fatty acids with a hefty amount of literature backing their health benefits), there’s nothing.  Same goes for turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, and a host of other things that have quite a bit of evidence-based research demonstrating their benefits.  C’mon, FDA!

I’ve had great conversations with many friends about supplementation, with so much knowledge exchanged between us.  What I’m currently taking is the result of loads of personal research as well as extended dialogue between friends.  I’m always looking to learn more, so if you have anything you’re taking daily to enhance your quality of life, I’m all-ears and would love to hear more.

Also, I’ve not begun taking any nootropics (cognitive, learning, and memory enhancing compounds) yet, but those are also on the horizon.  Anyone who has any experience with them, please let me know so I can pick your brain!

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